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Smooth feel to it. Guitar, bongo, clap, piano with effects, bass, see for yourself
90bpm. Strings, Pads/Orchestra, Two different fills, Congas.
Peak in sub-genre #14
House/Electro/Dance. 120bpm.. decent build up here/Fast Progressive
Peak in sub-genre #34
House/Dance/Electro 130BPM.. Elegant violins and many other elements.. Many effects used here.
Redid "Done". This one has a CLAP now, changed the sample around, paused piano after every 4th bar, has a slight different feel to it.. check for yourself
Peak in sub-genre #18
My 1st 140bpm track. Very Progressive Electro/House/Dance. Many elements.. Starts with percussion building up then moves to the transition
Peak in sub-genre #25
120bpm Progressive Dance/Electro. Pianos are the main ingredient in this one..
Peak in sub-genre #12
Electro/House 128bpm Upbeat. *Heard it sounds like it can be in the background of a Mortal Kombat/Shooter game
90bpm, Piano & Pads make it an emotional type beat, changed the drums (You'll hear the snare clap a little early which changes the rhythm of the beat), Vox, Choir, Strings, Trance Synth, Organ, Fills, etc..
95bpm, congas, fills, two different basslines, piano, choir, organ, guitar piano, etc..
95bpm, choirs, violin, cello, piano, pads, bells, guitar (working with a guitarist), etc
90bpm... Grimey type beat...
90bpm, Simple beat... guitar, layered synths, choir, horn, light bassline...
90bpm, simple fast hihat beat with layered elements
90bpm... Wah guitar sample, bell, strings, two different piano's, horn, trance synth, marimba, and 3 different fills... Tried to make this sound different (Even the drums are different from how I usually lay down patterns)
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