Sue Bargh
Acoustic Chester,Cheshire, United Kingdom
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Peak position #16 2
You are my sunrise,You are gold,You are the yellow in my rainbow
Peak in sub-genre #34
I tried to write a song for you all to sing,but this came out instead, and i had to give it wings.
Peak position #40 2 1
Played on my Dulcimer,a song of love and sorrow: The ocean tossed us fore and aft, and it threw us pearls in shells ,but unbeknown to me..... you were a storm far out at sea
Peak position #94
But our garden is only a beautiful dream.....Hazy patterns of red, rust and green....And in my forgetful autumn mind....I forgot for moment you've been gone for some time
Peak in sub-genre #35 2 1
Purple Covers on the bed, man-made words, best unsaid...
Peak in sub-genre #38
My Ancestors Came from County Cork . Ballycotton is a fishing village in the area.
Peak position #10
Feels like Im drifting with the wind/ No place to call home, no wedding ring
Peak position #77 1
Roselle is the name of my friends boat, it is currently shipwrecked in his front yard. Some time later this year the boat will be taken apart and will never sail again.
Peak in sub-genre #7 1
Love gets born, grows, then is done- And soon its time for moving on
#51 (Sub-genre) 2 1
My house smells of apples - scent of baking in the air....
Peak in sub-genre #37
Dont circle round your calendar-there's no sell-by date on our love. Semi Finalist in the UK Song Contest 2008 ~ The Ocean
Peak in sub-genre #9
The Kestrel hovers near by as a couple meet and kiss for the first time
Peak position #88
I dont believe in heaven,but this evening I came this close...
Peak in sub-genre #30 2 1
How cruel are the years that take our youth......
Peak in sub-genre #40
Perhaps your heart is for sale as well ?
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