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Acoustic music mainly, based on influencies from the 60's and 70's.
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folky jazz or whatever
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Trad Swedish children's song in Christmas. This is a sort of jazzy approach.
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Acoustic synth tune. Omnisphere and addictive drums.
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sort hard rock synth weirdo thing
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With Line 6 Variax and Chris Hein's horns I have access to "banjo" and "tuba". The latter sounds pretty good. Tried something more Dixieland sound tune or maybe I ended up in British Music Hall-style?
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Same as Mellandagsjam but here with Plinka's excellent vocals!
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Jam session during midwinter holidays.
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Same tune as Winter but now with Ola's excellently intuitive guitar playing!
Thoughts on theme music for children's television or something :-)
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Vocals,lyrics and vocal music: John Dandrea Lead guitar, drums, piano (95%): Stefan Wernborg
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Andreas Kornstad's vocals and lyrics.
Andreas Kornstad on vocals, wrote lyrics and vocal music.
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See under the previous version. My vocals and guitar solo.
Pop/rock tune and I just couldn't deside harmony or disharmony so I chose both! Stefan Wernborg on solo guitar and Tony Topp vocals.
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