Kenogu Labz
Electronic USA
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kenogu labz
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Solid game music, from electronic to techno to rock and back again!
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Peak in sub-genre #15
Remake of an older song, hopefully I'll use this one in an actual game. Cheers!
This is a very quiet song made for The Prolific Demiurges' game 'The Tower'. Simply a quiet theme for when there's nothing going on. Enjoy!
Peak in sub-genre #5
If you've listened to the IT version of Integral Energy, this is simply a more realistic version, created in the NES sound format, NSF. Just follow my advice from the original! ;)
This song was made for a GMClans battle. It's made to emulate the sound of the NES as precisely as possible. Think of your favorite boss while listening, and enjoy!
This was made for the GMClans Mission 'RPG Boss Battle Music'. I had fun making it, and I hope you enjoy it!
Made for Clan Varpi's Outer Lane 3014.
For Clan Varpi's Outer Lane 3014. Enjoy!
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"The Journey" Extended with vocal remix. From the spin off of the Instrumental Original mix from "A brilliant skyline across major cities " LP.
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