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Lister Coleman
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Instrumental rock jam I wrote and recorded on a a Digi 001, Pro Tools. Drums are Matt Sorum (GnR, Velvet Revolver) courtesy Drumcore
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A little bluesy thing I whipped up using the 002R. Drums are by Zoro-courtesy Drumcore.
Just a jam I did over Rampdog's backing track at the forum. I also added a fretless bass track and the acoustic guitar is a Selmer clone, Gypsy Jazz guitar. Acoustic mic's were an AKG C1000-S and an Audio Technica AT 4033a.
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Texas-ish instrumental jam I wrote and recorded on a Digi 001, Pro Tools. Drums are by Tony Braunagel-Buddy Guy, Bonnie Raitt, John Lee Hooker, courtesy Drumcore.
Peak in sub-genre #21
My solo attempt over a backing track I put up for jamming on bt forum members
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Short Eleven Rack demo. Marshall Plexi patch. 1964 Strat.
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Trying out my new Fender Nashville B-Bender Tele through Eleven Rack. The backing track is courtesy of Rob Renman at Thank you, very nice track. Title there is Falling Down. Please respect what he asks of using his tracks.
After I did a refurb on my 64Strat-Kluson's,RS Guitarworks vintage wiring kit,cavity shielding, I did this track for the guys at the forum to hear some of the pedals I have.I forget who did this backing track.I'll find out and credit it.
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Just a noodle over a backing track at the Guitar center site.
Peak in sub-genre #75 1
A short noodle with the guitar synth and Omnisphere
Short Eleven Rack demo. Mesa Boogie patch with added Echoplex. Custom "Strat" with EMG SA pickups.
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Putzing around with the Fender Jazz fretless bass, the Godin Freeway SA guitar>Axon AX100MkII, soft synths and a nylon string...noodling is all.
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