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Electric Blues Power
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ABB Live at the filmore version. Recorded with Gib LP and HRD 1x12
Peak in sub-genre #44
recorded with Pro reverb & 1980 Gib Lp. May 2006
Peak in sub-genre #61
recorded with EC strat and Pro Reverb's built in OD on about 4. Rythem track I used same gear but recording a lil cleaner with Middle and Bridge pup. 3/06
Peak in sub-genre #59
Inspired by Derrick & The dominoes blues style with a touch of Otis Rush and Albert King. Recorded with EC strat, Pro Reverb and OCD and Gib LP Std and Pro reverb on the rhythem track
Peak in sub-genre #50
Recorded with LP and New Pro Reverb Amp
recroded with Gib Lp and Marshall 4500
Peak in sub-genre #98
Recrded with HRD 1x12 and Gib LP
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