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Peak position #28 2 1
Middle East melodies and rhythms, belly dancer in front of me..
Peak in sub-genre #53 inspired by personal loss..
Peak position #37 2 1
Cover and mix of beautiful Macedonian traditional song Jovano Jovanke and intro from Paco de Lucia's tarranta Fuente Y Caudal
Peak position #89
Steve Vai's ultimate song
Peak position #16 1
..a couple of ideas combined with some melodic sweeps and bluesy lines
Peak in sub-genre #69 1
song for my thinner half :)
Peak position #100 1
tender melody i wrote for a very dear person... song name is 'Grove trilogy', and this is part I and II..
Peak in sub-genre #11
rock ballad from band Europe, in instrumental acoustic version
Peak in sub-genre #6 1
My favorite Dream Theater solo, i recorded this to try my new guitar
Peak position #12 1
My personal favorite part of Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi. I played 5 guitars here
Peak in sub-genre #18 1
My tremolo flamencesque cover of famous Christmas tune
Peak in sub-genre #29
My tribute to Jason Becker, clean shredy walz with couple of different parts, some fingerpicked, some played with pick :) ends with double guitar crazyness influenced by Jason's Air.
Peak position #24 2
i went latino here, very melodic and dancable song i wrote and played on flamenco guitar, in a rhythm of rumba.
Peak in sub-genre #87
Easy listening, relaxing tune.. i didn't quite finish this one yet
Peak position #67 2
loop this one and relax, romantic classical song inspired by Tarrega
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