Jacob Bank
Rock Vejle, Denmark
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Peak position #45 1
My tune agony - with new vocals, mix and master.
Peak position #77
Work in progress
Peak position #42
This tune is written for a competition - it's a lullaby meant for the younger children around the age of 0 to 5 years old.
Peak position #12
A tune about when affection turns to obsession :)
Peak position #2 3 3
We all have demons inside.. Some people have too many
Peak position #84
An older song remade.
Peak position #52
This tune is a remade version of a tune I wrote earlier this year :) I find that this version is a whole lot better, but the old one is still on my playlist for reference. :)
Peak position #36
A new version of my tune Agony - this is the mix only, no master, as it's still a work in progress.
Peak position #9
A bit harder than usual.. :) (Is lacking a guitar solo, 'cause I can't play the kind of solo I want)
Peak position #77
Peak position #11
A piano piece about sadness
Peak position #20
A tune about not having the courage to act
Peak in sub-genre #31
My tune Goodbye - revamped.. About 5 more minutes added to the song. :)
Peak position #61 1
A raw version of a tune I've written
Peak position #4
Some people just wants to see the world burn
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