Rod Danz
Alternative covington, WA  USA
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Euro-Trash Lounge Punk! Punk-Rock and Rap Style Fun uplifting music. Try my music on your pet, see what happens!!
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#30 (Sub-genre)
This song was done to honor Justin Timberlake. R od Danz did not know that it was Justin doing the song when he first listened to it. It was a happy surprise.
Peak position #80
This remix of the award winning Lady Gaga song Poker Face was done by Rod Danz, Aury Moore did some back up vocals to support the song. It was a blast to do it. This song was made for Lady Gaga to enjoy. I hope you like it Gaga.
#59 (Sub-genre)
This song captured the Chemistry in the studio between Rod Danz and Aury Moore. It was recorded at The Tank in Black Diamond Washington
Peak position #17 1
This is a new take on an old song about a student who falls in love with his Science teacher. There is a hint of truth about randomness being gone. Please see the article written by Rod Danz at
Peak position #2 1
I have done this song to honor a great song from the mid. 90s origionally sung by Eagle Eye Cherry. It is a pure honor to do this song.
Peak in sub-genre #1
A John Cugar Classic song now redone by Rod Danz. I love this song so much!!
Peak position #84
My remake of an old Everly Brothers classic song
Peak position #14
This is a remake of a rap song done by MC Hammer.It is my only rap song.
Peak in sub-genre #1
A classic INXS song! What an pleasure to redo this classic 80's hit!!
Peak position #27
A classic done in the 80's by "The Clash". What a pleasure to redo such a great song!!
Peak position #4
What a great Stones song. Now I am so happy to be able to have the chance to redo it in my style!!
#44 (Sub-genre)
Buddy Holly did this long ago in the early rock years! I am proud to redo this classic song.
Peak position #48
Peak position #1
This song is dedicated to a sweet girl from California whose name of course is Diana
Peak position #94
Lou Reed origional. Redone by Rod Danz
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