Reggie Miles
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Reggie Miles is a NW Folk/Blues songwriter/singer, a finger style picker who bottlenecks a self-built Junk/Art guitar, a virtuoso saw player & a harmonic huffer
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This song sketch is a live, single-take, mono recording, featuring a solo acoustic bottleneck slide Blues, finger-picking my self-made 'Nobro' resophonic junk art guitar and vocals
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Political Blues by songwriter Reggie Miles, played Acoustic Bottleneck style with a self-made Resophonic guitar built from repurposed materials
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Solo acoustic Blues song, recorded live, in a single take, with a single mono mic, without overdubs, using my self-made 'Nobro' resophonic junk art guitar, played bottleneck slide style and fingerpicked in an open E minor form tuning
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This song is an acoustic bottleneck Folk/Blues murder ballad, inspired into being via an actual event that took the lives of two musical artists at Cafe Racer, a bar in Seattle
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Playing my Nobro at a party, with Brian (mandolin), Bill (guitar), and George (washtub bass), sharing my tale, "The Toolbox Party."
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"The Saw Spangled Banner" performed by Reggie Miles bowing a pre 1970s Mussehl & Westphal 30" musical saw, recorded 'live' by T. Richardson (1/21/11) at The Conway Muse, edited and digitally manipulated by Phil Erb
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U.S. Pacific Northwest Acoustic artist, Reggie Miles, bowing the third harmonic octave of a 30" Mussehl and Westphal musical saw. SERIOUSLY SPOOOOOOOKY!!!
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This song paints an old picture. Greed begets war but not without first corrupting the mind and soul of man. It taints the heart of all those who allow its seed to take root and affects every word and deed.
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U.S. Pacific Northwest Acoustic artist, Reggie Miles, shares his original song about... The Devil. This is the only song ever written that is dedicated to this well known character.
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U.S. Pacific Northwest Acoustic Blues artist Reggie Miles plays a homemade 'Nobro' resophonic guitar and offers his original fingerpickin' bottleneck Blues, "She's Trouble" 'live' at Sliders Cafe in Carnation, WA (4/6/12).
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Pacific NW Acoustic Blues artist, Reggie Miles "LIVE" at The Muse, offering an original finger style and bottleneck slide Blues song, "Another Lover", on a late 1930s, open tuned Kalamazoo 6 string flattop guitar.
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Pacific NW Acoustic Blues artist Reggie Miles, fingerpicks and bottlenecks an open tuned acoustic guitar and offers a Blues harp solo in this original Blues interpretation
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