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We have been heald down enough! Bi each other Bi our selves Bi society and Government! This song is a call For the Great Stand Up, The Eternal UpLiftment, the Awakening. Get into it And Stretch out the Skin!!
Peak in sub-genre #18
Infectious Rhythm ic sound unheard of til now with rhymes that pleed for progressive movement toward conscious enlightenment and helping evolution...Who Drew The Lines for these Binds?
big tings gwan in dis track... Dj Odeed scritches it up all over the place. This is the beat that you throw on when you feeling like you need GOoD encouragement!
poem about assumptions - a beat by my brother - I hardcore delivery! One dope Hook! (Na-- Na-- Na-Na -- Na-- Na)
TThis hard hitting jam focuses on inspiration and persistance through the stagnation of the American Prison system.
JBRAP asks -- Is it too early to wake from the sleep of the populous or is it too late to manifest the goddess in through conscious hip hop arts.
JBrap & J-Stone Go wild on the Pizza Man - in the High Street House - Ween inspired sound for the future of comedic rap!
Collabo - Gaylen P.(produce & rap) and JBRAP Just talking about how damn tuff life can be sometimes... when you tring to do right the devil always gotta funk thing up in some way!
A dream or reality you decide? JBRAP & Rhiannon give stella performances to the cosmos bringing light never before seen.
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