The Company She Keeps
Rock Jacksonville, FL  USA
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Something new and a little different for me. The title track of the project "Wired by Monkeys".
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Instrumental piece from the series "Soundtracks for movies never to be made." Think driving thru the great plains, or Canada which I have never done, and the vistas. Any Canadain film maker listening? :)
Peak in sub-genre #27
A little collection of song ideas, finally dredged from the depths of the harddrive, to see the light of day.
A short instrumental, using a Roland VG8, and a drum loop
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The second track of the project "Wired By Monkeys". Another intrumental, this time with a bit of latin flavoring.
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This is my return to music after a 2 1/2 year hiatus.
Peak in sub-genre #68
Just a simple quick rocklike ditty. Guitars used: '82 electra x155 '79 epiphone Genesis deluxe '90 applause 12 string '92 ric 4003 bass Behringer- V-amp2, xenyx 802 mixer, uca-202 au
Peak in sub-genre #82
Into the Eyes of Angels The Company She Keeps
Peak in sub-genre #67
An old song, I think it's the first one I wrote by myself, and just recently recorded. Guitars used were a Ibanez Pro540R, Aria Pro II, Penco Les Paul, and a Samick 335 copy.
Peak in sub-genre #60
For the Little Dude
Peak in sub-genre #29
Perchance to dream The Company She keeps
Peak in sub-genre #48
Girl In A White T-Shirt The Company She Keeps
Peak in sub-genre #45
Dawn is upon us Just Look At... The Company She Keeps
Peak in sub-genre #14
Reflections On A South Jersey Shore
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Buddah Kat
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