The Black Knight and Squire G Show
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Stream-of-Consciousness, Impromptu Comedy, Talk Radio
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A clip from The Black Knight and Squire G Show, heard LIVE each week!
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Speaker Linda Polley says she 'channels' John Lennon and he has written NEW SONGS! And on BKSG the WORLD premere of 'Whacko, The Clown!'
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One MUST be careful of when to say 'donkey' instead of saying 'ass' ... Sometimes it is worse!
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'When I speak British.. I speak very high... I sound like Julia Childs!'
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Jay in order to stay within budget, hires a 'economical' Santa (of the street) for the BKSG Christmas special...
Peak position #46
Discusion about the up and coming live remote broadcast from the Berwyn Hoagy Festival, that leads into a Hokey Pokey Burial???
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