Josh Gray
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A guy on his acoustic, making recordings in his room and playing for people when he can.
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Peak in sub-genre #7
Peak in sub-genre #62
Essentially, 'Delayed' redux, extended and with added vocal elements.
Peak in sub-genre #77
Groovin' guitar riff powered by solo fades into tubular chimes.
A silly little pretentious guitar instrumental. You have been warned.
Peak in sub-genre #60
Kinda reminds me of Ratatat's sound. I think it's nice that I finally found it. D A E progression, lots of harmonies.
my first semi-political, pro-peace song
Meditative intro to the EP J'aime.
kinda dark, kinda scary.
A song about waking up and not having the one you love anymore.
Love song, for someone.
Reflective end to the EP 'J'aime'
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