fidel de jesus
Rock malabon, Philippines
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This is my 2nd trying version of Marco Sfogli's ballad Memories Hope you like it guys :)
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In Norse mythology, Muspelheim ("Flame land"), also called Mspell, is a realm of fire. This realm is one of the Nine Worlds and it is home to the Fire Demons or the Sons of Muspell, and Surtr, their ruler
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Just piano, synths and drums :)
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Experimented with piano and synth parts to have that symphonic metal vibe or whatever :P Credit goes to Paganini for the piano intro
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trying hard progressive math metal whatever song...
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This will be included in my next album :) Gears and programs used: - my bandmate's Schecter Damien 7 - Sixdayoldstring Electronics MSD2 (MSD1 mode) - EZDrummer Drumkit From Hell expansion - Guitar Rig 4 - Guitar Pro 5.2 - Fruity Loops 9
Mad Squirrel OD/DS 2 to Guitar Rig 4 short demo -Used the Lead 800 head and cabinet
Mad Squirrel OD/DS 2 to Guitar Rig 4 short demo -Used the Lead 800 head and Vintage 4x12 V2 cabinet (Control Room)
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a veil of maya, necrophagist amd meshuggah inspired song... vocals and guitars recorded by me drums and bass are programmed
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Dark Crayola's novelty song about breakfast
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new demo written by Jim Li
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an instrumental...
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another rough demo :P Jim Li also recorded vocal tracks here
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Guitar (Peavey TR7)- MSD2 - TS5 - acer pc speaker (in max volume)
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SUPER SUPER ROUGH RECORDING!!! Fidel De Jesus - Guitars/Vocals Jim Li - Guitars Francis - Bass JT Abadilla - Drums
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