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my playing isn't that bluesy but i liked the backing track and gave it a shot.
G-D-C made the backing track from scratch using guitarpro and fruityloops. come to think of it, it sounds alot like GnR's 'knockin on heaven's door'
the tone sounded good at the time but listening to it now its a bit trebbly
Peak in sub-genre #73
a few mistakes. i'll re-do it eventually when i get the hang of it better.
this one's extra sloppy :P uploaded it just for the hell of it.
Peak position #74
my take of the 'single string improv' experiment at guitarlodge.com
short improvisation using the paf joe neck pickup. a little sloppy in some places but i wanted to keep the first take to capture the moment... lol enjoy it ibanez js1000 -> tubescreamer ts9dx -> carvin mts w/ svetlana el34 power tubes.
Peak in sub-genre #71
Peak position #85
Completed metal jam, by: KF-80 - Les_JacksonRulz - Hawk - FRPC
My portion of the Metal Jam.
Peak in sub-genre #88
Testing out new pickups with a cover of Joe Satriani's 'love thing'. Still using a cheap cpu mic so the sound quality isn't as nice as it could be.
Peak in sub-genre #53
my take on the 'heavy metal' backing track. Jackson RR3--> dunlop 535Q--> ibanez ts9dx--> Carvin MTS 212--> shitty microphone
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