Edward Gold
Classical New York, NY  USA egoldmidincd.com
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Classical-modern. orchestra, vocal and piano.
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Peak position #41
sequenced in Apple Logic 9.1.8. using the samples of Vienna Symphonic Library. Revised January 2013 with added narration. Narrator: Duane Mazey
Peak position #63
2nd movement of Merlin Symphony. Sequenced using the samples of Vienna Symphonic Library. Narrator: Duane Mazey.
Peak position #87
This is the newest version of my song "Once Again" which is done with the solo string samples of the Vienna Symphonic Library through Apple Logic 9. The singer is Andrew Marvel.
Peak in sub-genre #52
A setting of the Shakespeare sonnet. The countertenor is David W. Solomons.
Peak position #96
New version done with Apple Logic 9.1.6
Peak position #78
No 1 from 'Central Park Suite'. A musical description of one of my favorite spots in New York City.
Peak in sub-genre #39
No. 2 from 'Central Park Suite'. Orchestration of original piano solo piece.
Peak position #52
Number 3 from Central Park Suite
Peak in sub-genre #70
No. 4 of Central Park Suite
Peak in sub-genre #50
last movement of the 'Central Park Suite'.
Peak position #56 2
for flute and string quartet
Peak in sub-genre #7
Based on the Bosch image 'The Wayfarer' and written for wind quintet.
Peak in sub-genre #51
Introductory flute and guitar piece plus choral setting of Hardy poem.
Peak position #79
1st movement of Wind Quartet.
Peak in sub-genre #36
2nd movement of Wind Quartet
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