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Alternative Long Beach, CA  USA
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mutant roots pop pioneer one blue nine draws from a genre-busting palette of electronic, blues, hip-hop, dub, funk, and even country influences -- performing r
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You can throw away a dream... but it always comes back to haunt you.
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INSTRUMENTAL Worldbeat fusion instrumental with a rudeboy sensibility. From 1996.
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INSTRUMENTAL This jazzy nova bossa nova mixes hip hop sass with street samba sway.
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Sort of an electroclash thing, sorta. Sardonic lyrics, broken mic vox, and sappy synths. What more...?
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INSTRUMENTAL Martian delta blues. Hard edged semi-instrumental.
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A song about distance -- and relativity.
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INSTRUMENTAL A big black Citroen DS filled with Gauloise smoke with a two turntable set up in the back and a drunk showgirl passed out in your lap. It's all so everyday now...
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Started out as a goof, a rig test, but ended up as an homage to the cheezy raga-rock songs of the 60s. Solo improvised guitar with key-tabla overdubs (with selected sections from the guitar track dropped in backwards against the main track.
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AKA 'Penthouse.' A lo fi dream pop meditation on class, identity, and dharma... you know, the usual.
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A perfect day at the end of time. A lo-fi slow bump of a low-ride into the final glory of the last sunset. Squeeze your sweetheart and face The Light.
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A fat and glossy new remix of a thumping house-meets acoustic punk workout... don't be fooled -- after the brand new a capella intro, this track heads straight for the 140's...
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Dub mix of an unreleased version of Spit in the Ocean.
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A late night drive through the purgatorial wasteland of the eternal broken heart... Re-re-mastered 2006-01-23. Won't I ever get this right?
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Ripped from last week's headlines... A true story of youthful passion gone awry... two young lovers caught in global events beyond their control.
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10,000 years is not a day too long... This is the mixed up, kinda trip hop/kinda rootsy version.
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