Paul Kington
World The Far East, Japan
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Paul Kington
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Okinawan influenced artist/songwriter
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This is about a man from the city of Bristol in the west of England.....cider me up, landlord!!!
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One of 18 songs that I play live
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This one's about my love affair with Okinawan Pork Noodles
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Remixed courtesy of Ooyakata-San
Yeah, i borrowed it but spiced it up a bit....
Peak in sub-genre #6
This is a traditional Okinawan folk song all about keeping things close to your heart
Peak in sub-genre #53
Here's one about a little old man who stole the sake (rice liquor)
Peak in sub-genre #32
This song (meaning 'Flower') was a massive hit in the 70's by Showkichi Kina and even featured Ry Cooder on guitar! (i just did my own version;-sorry guys!)
Peak in sub-genre #56
This is a fun song in the sycopated style that makes summer festival on the island so grrrrrreat!!!
Peak in sub-genre #36
This is a very old song about the beauty of Miyako Island.
Peak in sub-genre #54
i just wrote an english version of the best japanese song ever written. for M
Peak in sub-genre #46
This is an old song. It's about a mom telling her kid to grow up all healthy an' that. Kinda wussy but I like it
Peak in sub-genre #81
For Pikoon Takam; 1972-2003
Peak in sub-genre #78
Just goofing on the King...again
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