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Kay Darens - Funky Loser Skater & Rockstar Wannabe
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Album: Kay Peak position #17
"Fonaxe Mou Meine"/"Cry Out If You Want Me To Stay", is a song repeating its title. It's a desperate call of a man who wants to see a sign of affection from the woman, if he's to stay.
Album: Kay Peak position #5
Sexy is a farce. It's a comedy song about getting yourself laid with a highly 80's groove as the rest of the album.
With this song I participated in the Hip Hop Jamming Contest. The loop is not mine, it belongs to Going Through (their loops were free to download from www.milko.gr). I enhanced the loop with my rhyming & my lyrics thus making it a song...
Album: Kay Peak position #30
This is the fully re-edited, remixed and remastered version of 'Sexy' in English.
Album: Kay Peak in sub-genre #68
An 80's feel song with a hard rocking aspect! It's all about music and meeting new people in nighclubs!
Album: Kay Peak in sub-genre #62
It's all about women and how they treat men - It's a revenge song - Get All Women Naked is trying to express a rejected man's feelings about her.
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