Abandon Grace
Metal Monticello, IA  USA
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This song just got started. I have guitar ideas, orchestral ideas, and some unique vocal ideas and I'm going to slowly unfold them here on SoundClick. I just started with piano and will add more this coming weekend.
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Sounds horrific? It hurts to play, too.
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A cover of a Carcass song. Same tempo, higher key sig., and the addition of keys. Rock.
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For those who require some beauty in their lives.
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A progressive track. Try not to weep...
The title is all you need.
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So tell me, does this sound Madonna inspired to you? Thrash...
Pep up guys... there's jazz in the house...
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This song started out as a guitar exercise... go figure it turned into what it did.
A tribute to Spawn, the movie.
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