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Peak position #36
This is a short version of song With Every Breath. This song birthed out of meditation time reflecting on how much I love my God.
Peak position #86
This is the longer version of "With Every Breath" This version is guaranteed to take you to the secret place.
Peak in sub-genre #9
#7 (Sub-genre) 5 1
Upbeat, inspiring, guarantee to stir up your emotions and encourage you to walk in your authority
Peak position #13 3 1
Peak position #36 3 1
Do you really want to know how to love God? Would you do better if you knew how? That is what this song is about loving God with every fiber of your being.
Peak position #27 6 2
soul searching, soul stirring song about the Grace of God and his saving power
Peak position #57 2 1
Upbeat, hand clapping, foot tapping feel good song about the power of faith that will cause your dreams to come alive in your spirit
Peak position #4 2 1
Peak in sub-genre #9 4 3
Peak in sub-genre #11 3 2
This song is about the things that come to try your faith, to show you the stuff that you are made of and to lift your faith to the place that you know and believe you can make it.
Peak position #64 2 2
When the enemy thinks he has attacked us till the point that we are weak he does not understand that at that very moment when we acknowledge our weakness God steps in and give us his strength. It is doing these desperate times that we learn to cry o
Peak position #47 3
What do you do when the enemy hits you with a low blow that brings tears to your eyes? You intensify your warfare. WORSHIP IS A MIGHTY WEAPON AGAINST THE ENEMY. The tears of a warrior should never be mistaken for a sign of weakness. Let the tear
Peak position #44 1
How many times have you tried to 'help God' fix your situation by doing things your way? What needless heartache and pain we bring to ourselves when we don't walk in obedience. Let our prayer become Lord, my eyes wait on you for direction. He wi
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