Dorsal Fin
Electronic Damascus, MD  USA
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Techno, Electronica, Ambient, Experimental, Dance, Exotica
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Album: Dot Calm Peak in sub-genre #43 1
Album: Dot Calm Peak in sub-genre #49
Album: Viewner Screen Peak position #96
Album: Dorsal Fin Peak in sub-genre #79
Europop synth Music Somewhat Fast beat
Album: Dorsal Fin
Nice electronic groove with ambienotic atmosphere. Whoah did I just invent a new word term?
Album: Dorsal Fin
Semi fast electronic/synth weaving patterns.
Album: Dorsal Fin
Exotic, Ambient textures interwoven into somewhat mechanical motion grooves.
Album: Dorsal Fin Peak in sub-genre #90
Fast synthesizer, dance beat track with breaks here and there.
Album: Dorsal Fin
Medium euro-electronica-pop tempo. Feels somewhat uncompleted.
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