Mike Stout
Acoustic Castle Shannon, PA  USA mikestoutmusic.com
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Americana folk music about the problems of the common man in the tradition of Woody Guthrie who said aA folk song is what's wrong and how to fix it"
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The story of the 29 miners killed at the Upper Big Branch mine should be kept alive so that mine safety laws are strengthen and enforced.
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70,000 natural gas wells are to be drilled in Pennsylvania over the next 5 years. With exclusions from environmental regulations, profit-hungry drillers may poison our wells, streams, and rivers for generations with cancer causing fracking fluids.
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Written for Mikes sister on the occasion of her 40th wedding anniversary, it is a living testimony to the bonds and strength of relationships built on the solid rocks of commitment, trust and love.
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Noted activist, Noam Chomsky, calls the MST (Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra) the worlda019s most important social movement. Southern Brazila019s rural workers are striving to improve the economic plight of the dispossessed and poor
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The U.S. spends billion policing the world with a global empire of hundreds of bases, thousands of our finest young men and women, and a military budget equal to the next 22 countries combined. We should be building schools and a clean energy.
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Calling the fans of Steeler Nation
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The story of abolitionist leader and renaissance man Martin Delany
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Homestead Town used to be the story of a boom town
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2003 Remix
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