Bob Melanson
Rock Port Williams, Canada
Thank you!
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My instrumental music is Vai and Satch influenced. Vocal tunes are everything influenced!
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An up to date version of my song Sorta Purple From my Sorta Purple Album. Originally recorded back in the 90's, remixed 2016.
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Hmmm....Techno/Industrial/Rock with strong Melodies...Something I've always wanted to explore!
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At the tender age of 20, I decided to try my hand at writing.This was just after my debut on Much Music (Guitar Warz 1990) and I was feeling creative. I was also spending a lot of time cruisin' in my a beat-up red van.
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A straight forward rock tune that'll knock your sox off!
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A tune I wrote about trying to write a song!
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High energy hooky Power Pop/Rock...
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A Progressive Rock tune from a band I played in called 'Mindzye' ... now defunct. Gary nightingale on Drums and Keys, Gord Sheffroth on Vocals and Me on guitars and bass.
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Another song by Mindzye Gary Nightingale on Dryms and Keys, Gord Sheffroth on vocals and me on guitar and bass ... The band is now defunct ...
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A poppy fun tune...
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This is a demo of a tune written many years ago that I never had time to re-record ... It's pretty raw sounding but the playing from Drummer Neal Gaudet and Bassist Luke Morris was too good to leave it in storage. Enjoy
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....A nice quick ska/punky/pop/rock tune...
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