Oxford Perry Project
Acoustic Belmont, MI  USA cdbaby.com/oxfordperry
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Two Family Guys with not nearly enough time on their hands.
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Peak in sub-genre #25
When kids finally grow up and move on, it takes a toll. A father's lament kind of song. A rough basement practice demo.
Peak in sub-genre #32
A gentle acoustic thing about the mixed feelings a parent gets watching their kids grow up...and outgrow them.
Peak in sub-genre #35
This is a more polished demo of the original, also posted here.
A gal from work recently decided to join the Peace Corp for a 2-year stint in Paraguay. I wrote this one as a bit of a going-away present. This is Jeff Oxford's musical take on my lyrics.
Peak in sub-genre #41
There's a gal out there who's not looking for committment...and a guy who's more than happy with that.
Peak in sub-genre #45
When I see her, I about forget my name.
Peak in sub-genre #23
A car repair facility gone very, very bad. And a note to Alan Jackson fans: I wrote this about 1.5 years before his.
When the kids start arriving, it's a whole 'nother world. Misleadingly titled.
Do I stay with her or move on?
Peak in sub-genre #81
It's always great to get away, but can't wait to return...
Peak in sub-genre #53
It's a fair question. With all the work and frustration, why do we raise kids? A musical answer.... (Jeff's version)
If I had it to do all over again, yeah. I'd do it like THAT.
Peak in sub-genre #91
When kids are small, they can't get enough of you. It doesn't always stay that way! Initial rough demo....have since revised the lyrics a bit.
Peak in sub-genre #61
Too often, we get hung up about our definition of success. Strip it all away and love is really all that matters.
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