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a journey into the world of the unexpected in a droll way
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Aggressive interplay between bass and drums held together with guitars
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Bye! Have a nice life. You know who you are. ;)
Another work in progress Kara Kay on lead vocals, Gina Cotton on drums, Skinny Bishop on bass, Deborah Calleros/Natalia Schene/Paul Taylor bkg vox, Chuck Price harmonica, DR Wilke GT
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This is the 2nd section in the "Subtandard Suite". The drum section was recorded at an unrelated jam on unrelated chord progressions. Trumpet was recorded on first pass without hearing the piece before recording.
Originally inspired by a cassette tape Dennis titled... JXP3&WEED. Analog synth bits about a dozen or so. Layed that across Gina's 7 min. trip on the drums. blackdevils family video pasted with splaters of guitar, sitar so far...
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Black Gold....... Texas Tea
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This is a snappy little piece. A remix for The Project Glitch CD, http://store.mixonic.com/noo A small genre of electronics based on sounds created by accident. Project Glitch ended up with 10 remixes from 10 diferent artists from around the world.
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