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this beat sounds like how im feelin right now...just a quick flip for a dj cas sample contest. thanks for the sample man.
Hot track in the process...Just a little preview...expect to see ace on this one, this is gonna be a banger no doubt.
Yep this beat is on some Just Blaze "Line em Up" type feel...I think its pretty gangsta if you ask me...and it aint just cuz im the one who produced this, but anyways listen to it for yourself
This one is pure heat...if you dont believe me I DARE YOU TO CLICK THE LINK...I DARE YOU
This is my second time ever doing a chipmunk kanye west/ just blaze signature styled's a little rough around the edges and i sampled it from the pack shawn lov hooked everyone up with...thanks man hope ya'll enjoy it...
Tre_Holla and DDB back at it again...Damn didn't he kill these vocals for this short little taste you peoples get to listen, writin this one about kelly (oops my spots blown! so what!)
This song is one of those nice upbeat tracks could be used for flowin or singin...i know you're movin to this...
This joint right here is just the's gonna be really tight, trust me on this one. It's gonna be a banger maybe an emcee might end up on this one...
Mellow song, dang its got me all gloomy...its perfect for an mc to rap over and vocalist to vocalize for the chorus...
Hopefully someone will come along and either blaze this beat, or blaze this beat. The beat itself is hot so why not make it that much better and record something hot over the top, of course if you plan on purchasing...
I Took A Little Break, But for serious though, this beat right here is going to be on my new compilation album...weak mc's need not apply...
Some Ill Indi Fruity Loop Killa track. It's pretty nice guys check it out. Nice bounce and vibe yo.
This is my first round beat in a little tournament I'm currently in. It didn't take me long to make and it's ultimately the product of something I'm learning how to use in Fruity Loops.
Just a little bit of heat im workin on that came pretty quickly...hence the name yo
This is just weird, especially when it takes a lil turn at the end of it. It's not my best work, just an idea, you be the judge of it. Pat get at me if you wanna help flip this...
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