Jack Cummins
Instrumentals Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam eraserhead.dmusic.com/
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New Age, Pop, Ambient, instrumental, Soundtrack
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Accoustic guitar melody. Slightly downbeat and very mellow.
A song of remembrance about my experience during the war in Vietnam.
Peak in sub-genre #100
I've always loved the sound of the French Horn. Here's a mellow, upbeat song featuring a French Horn and trombone combination.
Orchestral, airy and upbeat synth pad song.
A little rain forest of Vietnam music. It has a bit of a Latin beat to it also.
A fairly sparse, desolate-sounding song reflecting the way I happened to feel at the moment.
Melodius and upbeat.
I'm a lover of old movies. Here's my little tribute to 'Casablanca'.
Nice and airy. Pretty upbeat.
Bounce Jazz beat styled
Layered and dynamic
Theme song recorded for the Mr Nice Guy Podcast show at http://mrniceguy.org/
The HAL9000 Computer is on the loose. Just having some fun with with Fruity Loops Producer.
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