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Kelly McKee
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Windows To Eternity Official Site - Neoclassical Heavy Metal; Symphonic Rock : Formal classical music written for the instruments of the rock band.
NEWS: Kelly is composing new works and recording, in efforts to finish his second album (or song cycle). Most recently, 'Cities' Metamorphosis' arrived during the summer of 2012. It is a fifteen-minute long guitar concerto, with a well-developed percussive bass style, rather than drums, on this one. Track three, 'Empire', is intended as a prelude to this work. Let it roar...nothing will prepare you!! The first album, 'You're Lost', is still in release and ready for your purchase in the leading online CD stores, after much was done to assure the high quality of the product. The quality is even better than typical commercial releases, with a mixture of analog and digital recording techniques specially suited to each song used during production. The 'hifi' stream on this site is second to the 320 Kb/s MP3 downloads available here, third to the 1,411.2 Kb/s CD. The music sounds best through full-size HiFi stereo loudspeakers. But using a Koss Porta-Pro level or above headset can be equally rewarding. Special recommendations that go with Bluetooth-enabled personal computers and newly available tablets: The Koss BT-540i has awesome low-bass definition all the way to smooth mids and highs, excellent imaging and noise cancellation, and is not overpriced. The new iPad Pro 9.7in has the first built-in speakers that have low enough phase as well as amplitude distortion across all frequencies that the sound is good enough for the music on this page, to date from a minicomputer/laptop. Lastly, in the realm of affordable monitor speakers, the Mackie CR series are very good. To preview and read more about the inspiration behind each work, on the ‘Songs’ page click on the button marked “...” that is next to each song. Welcome, heavy metal fans and fans of classical and medieval metal! This web site features the music of neoclassical guitarist Kelly McKee. The songs available here you can download and listen to; however they are copyrighted. Look for musical notation from the music to be made available from my website in the near future. I'm entrusting my fans not to resell or claim my compositions, as their own. (BMI). It is my hope that you enjoy this music!
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Kelly McKee
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