Matthew Nourse
Acoustic Chessington, United Kingdom
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Matthew Nourse
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Solo male vacalist, guitarist and pianist
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Well, this song is about loving someone that you know you will never have, The chorus phrase of 'Trying to find a way not to need you' really backs that up. It is in 3/4 timing which is really different.
A song in 3/4 time. but only a chorus at the minute,
This is the same really as Without You, but the lyrics are about love and how although you really wanna be with someone, you arent sure whether they feel the same and so dont want to spoil a relationship.
A track i wrote with the idea of having counter lyrics so in fact 2 lyrics sets with the same song
This is a song i wrote and recorded, its about someone realising that their partner is no longer a good thing for them
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