Acoustic Bergheim, Germany
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Freestyle phantasy language: Philosperanto
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Once upon a time in Florence - Cello Baroque Concert
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Keyboard Improvisation Nov. 20, 2013
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Song "Nicotine Drag Of Death" - An erotic satirical "battle" against addiction of smoking. Freestyle Improvisation (singing in German and with Keyboard - twosome) Singer: Eva Schmidt aka Zichy in freestyle German lyrics with Hungarian accent.
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This Song expresses the appreciation to a cherished person on the occasion of a honorable receipt. A solemnly well tempered electronic chorus (Vocator effect) obtains this appreciation. TVI-Music: Total Vocalistic Improvisation.
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The feelings of passion, joy and mourning make the heart concerned. Thus I tell musically the stamped experiences of my heart with my vocalistic guitar song "Story of my Heart". TVI music: Totally Vocalistic improvisation.
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*Ambivalent Feelings* while improvising on my keyboard...
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To the theme of peace movement. TVI-Music: Total Vocalistic Improvisation.
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Don't worry! *There is always a way out*. - Keyboard Improvisation - style "CelticTrance" - May 14, 2011.
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"Those were the days!" One remembers and old friends repeats it. Keyboard Improvisation - style "Japanese Folk" - May 14, 2011
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Keyboard improvisation.
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Old times... good times... Nostalgia. Guitar / Vocal Song. TVI-Music: Total Vocalistic Improvisation.
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There are moments in life with triumph of love above all. With sublime and levied voice and guitar play the high feeling of love is triumphantly. TVI-Music: Total Vocalistic Improvisation.
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The beauty of a face fascinates, in particular, if one is in love. TVI-Music: Total Vocalistic Improvisation.
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