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Rock Rome, Italy
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One man band from Rome with a british rock sound. A cult e-band for the Beatles, Oasis, Eric Clapton fans.
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Peak in sub-genre #49
A particular patchwork of different styles: a bit of Clapton, something of the Deep Purple and, of course, the Beatles.
Big rock ballad. It's about the story of a prostitute working in the street. Great guitar and electric piano work. This tune picked #2 in the's Alternative cart.
Peak in sub-genre #8
A strange fusion between indian sounds and kind of brit pop/country. My modest tribute to George Harrison.
This is for the people who are, or think to be, on the right side of the world. For who sees what he wants to see and believes what he wants to believe.
Peak in sub-genre #63
We don't need LSD to sing about the sleepwalker that is "walking on a balancing form in the air" or "in a desert of ghosts". This is just the result of writing songs at 3 a.m.
Peak in sub-genre #55
MP3.COM Classic Rock FEATURED SONG!!! (2000/05/01) We put a lot of rock energy in this song. Pop up the volume and enjoy the guitar solo. Crazy finale with a symphonic orchestra.
Peak in sub-genre #62
Born to be the final track of our CD, this song starts with a sweet acoustic McCartneyish melody, but goes on with a contrasting electric chorus. One of my favourite tunes...
Peak in sub-genre #66
Sweet melody, intriguing arrangement for guitar and a strings quartet, british style and latin accent. Can you ask more?
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