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Peak in sub-genre #47
Another different sound from this band.. A rock/Alternative Rock song.... A mysterious melody and soothing guitar work drive this home with strong vocals... One of our best songs. One that we are very proud of....
Peak in sub-genre #68 1 1
This guitar driven melody is solid. You'll be tappin on your desktop or steering wheel or whatever is closest... Its about people who wear false faces.
Peak in sub-genre #77 1
This is a song that shows our softer side and a little piece of why we named our band Balantz. Being on the road and away from our loved ones. This song was easy to write. Another great song for all ages to enjoy.
Peak in sub-genre #26 1
This song has lots of energy and a good message. A song for all ages to enjoy. A rock ballad with strong guitars and a flowing melody.
Peak in sub-genre #14
Southern guitars fuel this song with energy. The strong vocals and melody bring out the rural roots of the song and the band.
Peak in sub-genre #80 1
This is a song about air polution. We all need to be aware of our air and ozone before its too late. This song was written in hopes of making people aware of The Air You Breathe.... (this song is not part of the Truth -n- Justice cd.)
Peak in sub-genre #47 1
(This song is not part of the Truth -n- Justice cd) This song has a great live feel to it. Like they are sitting right there in front of you. A wonderful song with a real message about life
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