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Blues Sevilla, Spain
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antonio bello
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Written By: Sarah Josepha Hale, editor of Godey's Lady's Book, 1830's Copyright Unknown
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One day years ago, someone came my home and stole one of my guitars!!! I was really so sad
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This tune give it the name to our new CD called "Bumble Bee's Boogie"...
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All my life I will love you baby.........
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Peak position #80 2
This song is dedicated to "Los Nevados" in Merida/Venezuela. its a small town over the mountains, that place is one heaven on the earth...
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I composed this song years ago, when I was on Bonaire in a nice time in my life,I just was looking one beautiful and peacefull sunset there.
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This song is the # 10 in my new CD "Bumble Bee's Boogie" with Antonio Bello Blues Band , Was inspired looking the forest over the mountains in my home town San Antonio de los Altos. Venezuela...I know this song is not a Blues.
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This song original by Gary Moore was played by Antonio Bello Blues Band live at Cafe Chaos Aruba 02/14/04, no overdubbing...just like sounded there
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