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Jazz Switzerland
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love music by big daddy cee... guitar and vocals by me..
Peak position #41 7 7
my first for a while.. got to progress in my style.. been listenin to my favorite trane for a smile.. wanted to jam nu jazz geil.. :-)
#24 (Sub-genre) 10 10
music by just ben.. vocals, soprano sax by me..
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feat. markku vuollet on b3 and dustin graham on synth..
Peak in sub-genre #71 3 1
won his song competition with this song... his track... my story... perfect...
Peak position #5 13 12
I had to blaze another one.. need that stuff.. call it metal jazz funk.. cheers..
Peak position #58 13 10
corrado rossi piano and music.. rapster guitar and vocals..
Peak position #40 8 7
a nu jazz tune for my cat, paddy.. :-)
Peak position #11 7 7
nu jazz blues.. blue jazz news..
Peak in sub-genre #12 6 8
wanted to do a variation on the blues form.. givin me some jazz changes to play on..
Peak position #24 10 12
rapster gets jazzed.. this dedicated to the coolest jazz cat i know.. alexis van eeckhaut..
Peak position #39 7 6
our little tribute to our new president.. kenya style.. let's help him change the world!
Peak in sub-genre #29 8 6
this is margot's song.. but i put all the music to it except drums.. turned my girl into an unwilling jazz singer.. lol.. but that was all a while ago.. :-)
Peak in sub-genre #37 3 3
by me.. for me.. no.. just forget me..
Peak position #23 8 6
rapster with the wherewolf.. tlt50..
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