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kalle sandberg
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Peak in sub-genre #5
One more test of my singing
Peak position #32
My own take of Georgia on my mind with acoustic guitar and song.
Peak position #36
A multi guitar track mix over a Pink Floyd backing track.
An improvisation using some BB kings licks over backing track in G.
Peak position #13
This is an improvisation in BB King style over a backing track with a few BB licks learned from one of his records.
Peak in sub-genre #5
This backing track with bass and drums is based on SRVĀ“s recording of Tin Pan Alley. Please use it for your pleasure.
Peak in sub-genre #22
4 verses of the classic song St. James Infirmary. Just me and my acoustic guitar.
#58 (Sub-genre) 1
This is recording with me on vocal and all instruments, except the drums, that are software made.
Peak position #15
This backing track in G is my own special version of the song Stormy Monday. I am playing Bass and Rythm Guitar and the drums is made in the SW Hydrogen. Its my first primitive attempt to make a complete backing track. Please use it for your pleasu
Peak in sub-genre #41
Its an improvisation over a backing track of the Santana song Europa.
Peak in sub-genre #4
This is a backing track with an added bass line played by me on my Yamaha RBX Bass guitar. Please use it as a backing tracking
Peak in sub-genre #42
My first recording when playing my new Bass Guitar (Yamaha RBX 270) over a backing track without bass line. Backing track is from DemoEtc at Guitar Noise Forum
Peak in sub-genre #1
This is an improvised simplified version of the Gary More song 'Still got the Blues' played over a backing track. I am using a Yamaha RGX guitar ( neck humbucker) and Behringer Tube Overdrive TO 100 pedal (straight in a mixer).
Peak in sub-genre #1
This is an exercise of full bends and vibratos on a BB King song with my new Yamaha RGX320FZ guitar and a V-Amp 2 with 'Black Twin' settings
Peak position #75 1
Improvisation with a Cm Pentatonic scale over backing track from www.jam.1gb.ru
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