Cam's Even Song
Rock Kamloops BC, Canada
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A more practical, less extravagant, love song.
#47 today (Sub-genre)
A song about summer. We have had a long succession of blue, blue skies in Kamloops this year. I find them exhilarating!
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Songs are like dreams: strange and inexplicable visitations.
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I think this verse contains the secret to a successful walk with God and a joyful lifel
Peak in sub-genre #18
A song about my desire to get back to the One who really matters.
Peak in sub-genre #11
A song about God. What is everyone else singing about? Oh yeah: things God made. Got it.
Peak in sub-genre #13
Based on the passage in Ephesians concerning the full armour of God
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Album: Door A-19
I guess I really like spring, because this is at least the sixth track I've done about the subject.
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Album: Door A-19
Uh, well, I thought the girl playing Anne Darrow in the 2005 King Kong was pretty much a ringer for Fay Wray. I thought, "She's so Fay Wray..." The song just went from there.
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Album: Door A-19
I really love the change of seasons and was very much looking forward to spring this year. This song is about spring.
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