Dennis Wieand
Jazz Allentown, PA  USA
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Solo Funky Jazz with a lot of Hammond and Mono Synth
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Josh Won guitar, Dave Price, Bass and Drums, Dennis Wieand, Organ
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This is a version of the song "Changing Fives" that we did for a horn jam night. It's a first take in the studio so it's a little rough. Josh Won on Guitar, Dave Price on Bass, Karch Price on Drums, Max Price on sax, Dennis Wieand on Korg CX3.
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A fun party song with Dave Price on Drums, Mike Milillo on Sax and Mark Bracken on bass released the weekend before my son is to be born
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When I was young we used to go hiking to a place called 'Bruce Lake'. But to get there you had to pass 'Egypt Meadows' which was as close a place to the 'Wish You Were Here' postcard as you could get. This song reminds me of that memory.
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This is a take of the Joe Zawinul song "Mercy Mercy Mercy".
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Written by Josh Won, recorded at Organ Den Studio. Josh Won-guitar, Paul Rice-Drums, Dennis Wieand-Keyboards. Mastered by Full Circle Mastering
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Traditional Korean Folk Song David Price, Drums, Stacy Wieand, Vocals, Dennis Wieand, Synth, Rhodes, Trumpet, Hammond
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This is a very different version of the traditional Christmas Carol.
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Disturbing Bond type song
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This is my first serious cover song, my version of "False CIty" by Northcape.
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I am honored to have two great jazz musicians join me on this one, Jamie Dubberly on trombone and Mike Milillo on tenor sax on this song. You can hear more of their great music at
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This is an extended version of a song I wrote about my wife Stacy.
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This is a collab between my friend Willy McConnell and I. We're both on the hammonds on this one. See story for more.
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Written by Slarou, performed by Dennis Wieand and friends
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