No'am Newman
Alternative Israel
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Peak position #78
My take on a classic Israeli song
Peak in sub-genre #69
A philosophical song
Peak in sub-genre #58
Peak position #89
Peak in sub-genre #61
A jilted lover tells his girlfriend where to get off.
Peak in sub-genre #51
A pleasant, bouncy, atmospheric piece
An uptempo love song (the 'affair' referred to is between two unmarried people - I'm not advocating adultery here!)
Peak in sub-genre #88
This is a long and slow instrumental piece which I developed after wishing to hear some ambient woodwinds. The song's title is a nod to Debussy's 'Apres Midi d'un Faune', although of course the quality here falls far short of the Master's. I only hea
Peak in sub-genre #54
A culinary tale set to a skipping 5/4 beat (this is a new arrangement of the song originally uploaded in March).
Peak in sub-genre #93
I sat down at the keyboard yesterday afternoon with no preconceived notions and emerged four hours later with this piece. It's a slow, multi-part instrumental, very early 70s - except that there's a very modern drum loop.
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