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New York Downtown, Math Rock, Molecules, Ruins, PAK, the Infusion, Jason Willett, Happy New Year, Prog Rock, Zappa, Zorn.
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Starts off with guitar part in 13/8. Epic
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PAK - from the second CD - Motel
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great sold out show Paris 3/21/05 at Instants Chavires. Zu from Rome opened the set, then PAK, followed by PAK with Jac Berrocal! The only problem is that I was very sick with the flu.
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Ron Anderson and Jason Willett
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Camel Zekri on acoustic guitar and electronics,Olivier Paquotte on bass Ron Anderson on guitar and Oud.
Pack small are half inch - On this solo CD Ron Anderson is joined by 12 other musicians to make lighting fast musical insanity.
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