Young Stroke aka Young Muscle
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Eclectic, sophomoric, unpretentious crunk comedy rap for people with a sense of humor.
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A first in hip hop...the first rap song to mix hardcore lyrics with a goofy polka/march beat! Enjoy!
Another one of those grandiose Stroke tracks to destroy your woofers!!
A quintessential ballin' anthem!! This is more ballin' than juggling balls while balancing on a ball while ballroom dancing!
The Stroke is many things...including a SHARK!
If you didn't think Taylor Swift sucked BEFORE Kanye interrupted her...this one is for you!
Soooooooo there's this girl...and I kinda wrote a song about her!!
Another one of those HUGE Platinumb tracks with me rapping at the top of my lungs saying crazy stuff! CRANK THE DUBSTEP!
Microphone grippin' titans Young Streezy and Wire Fixerson come through and annihilate the mic, this time bring the foodcore PHUNK in regards to SUSHI! If you like grippin' raw fish with chopsticks, download NAO!!
Peak position #47
The most UN-HOMO anthem about being GAY for money EVER!!! Stroke is a lesbian for the cash!
The One Man Judge and Jury Young Streezy coming sideways with advanced android WhyAmIHere, educating all the schmendricks as to why we are robots, spitting cybernetic rhymes over an automated robotic beat!!
By far the most epic and funny Stroke songs ever! Huge singing meets huge rapping married over a huuuuuuuge triumphant beat here, and there are plenty of destiny milk teat drinking rhymes to go around!
One of the crunkest and dankest Stroke tracks to ever hit the eardrums of Platinumb fans. This is for those of you who need a big bowl of Chicken Soup for the Soul and don't feel like reading one of those books!
The opening track and establishment of a new dynasty of music...the Platinumb Dynasty!
I's OK. I tried to go for an epic feel but it ended up being a filler track.
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