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Arab Rap: This is h2Z, a palestinian Arab rapper/producer living in Lebanon. Palestinian rap 3arabi Downloads
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Peak in sub-genre #74
beat: eminem low down and dirty
beat: Obi Trice Divine Intervention
Beat: MOP - Cold as ice
Peak position #87
beat by anno domini
Peak in sub-genre #29 11 1
ana falastene ! The anthem of palestinian rap
Peak in sub-genre #67
produced by rockitpro
Peak position #70 3 1
Arab rap Produced by Re2bal
Peak position #56 1
Arab rap song ! beat by anno domini
Just speaking my mind
beat is produced by Iraqi rapper Re2bal
2 1
h2Z ft Re2bal ! Palestinian rap
h2Z and Re2bal in another arab rap feature ! produced by h2Z
There is always a bright side
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