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Peak position #60
yes it sucks
sh*** sh*** sh*** f*** sh***
Peak in sub-genre #91
back track sounds like hollow years. solod over it. enjoi
Peak in sub-genre #88
ibanez maple neck. emg 81/89. 5150 head, crate 3x12. crappy mic straight to sound card
Peak in sub-genre #64
thanks to guthrie govan for the lessons.
Peak in sub-genre #56
Peak in sub-genre #72
3:45 mins for a solo is tooo long O_O di ko kaya LOL. yes madami sabit di ako marunong mag guitar :(
Peak in sub-genre #41
Drum and Guitar only no bass and vocals yet. Unmixed. super RAW.
Peak in sub-genre #83
No drum tracks. recorded with crappy shit enjoy
new to this type of genre sO took alittle getting use to. sorry dami sabit hahaha just threw evrything i know into it hehe
Peak in sub-genre #89
revsd the 1st one made it easier to sing too
Peak in sub-genre #55
crappy Back tracking some parts were off so i had to adjust hassle.
used midi Drums on this again sorry for the crappy recording
Peak in sub-genre #25
used midi back track sorry for the crappy recording
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