Ron Gletherow
Pop Gales Ferry, CT  USA
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Ron Gletherow
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Mainly acoustic, a mix of folk, country, pop and whatever I feel like at the time. I don't like boxes. They only put limits on you.
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Peak in sub-genre #22 3 5
A song for my older siblings, and thousands like them evacuated from London during World War II.
Peak in sub-genre #19 6 5
Country music from a Cockney Cowboy with words & music by Dawn Sinclair and Juri Rosenfeld.
Peak in sub-genre #38 1 3
Written by Dawn Sinclair and Erik Rosenfeld. Produced by 'Grand Jury', Master of the Mix, Juri Rosenfeld and performed with the golden voice of Dawn Diamond.
Peak in sub-genre #68 4
New song from the Dawn Sinclair/Juri & Erik Rosenfeld hit factory.
Peak in sub-genre #21 5 6
Wow! I get the chance to sing with Dawn Diamond and Mark Ellis on a song co-written with Dawn Sinclair. What could be better?
Peak in sub-genre #46 3 6
Another chance for me to duet with the wonderful Dawn Diamond
Peak in sub-genre #9 2 2
Words by the my good friend and prolific lyricist, Dawn Sinclair. Please read lyrics/story.
Peak position #69
Not the usual 'acoustic' Ron song. I actually dreamt this one up, literally!
Peak in sub-genre #27 1 2
Beautifully moving ballad, lyrics by the wonderful lyricist, and my good friend, Dawn Sinclair.
Peak in sub-genre #15 1
A song for a dear friend - please read lyrics/description
Peak in sub-genre #12 1 1
Just an acoustic guitar and vocal on this love song from David Bethune
Peak in sub-genre #54
Another great lyric by David Bethune. This is a 'Jimmy Buffet' feel good type of song.
Was proud to be involved with this song, written by David William Bethune in order to help those in need after the wake of Katrina.
Peak in sub-genre #15 1
My first collaboration with the brilliant Dawn Sinclair.
Peak in sub-genre #55
My very first duet with the VERY talented Dawn Diamond.
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