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cinematic, storytelling, emotional lo-fi triphop.
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Peak in sub-genre #6
A medley of some of my all time favorite New Order tracks. Too bad they split up. Here's to the great great NEW ORDER.
Peak in sub-genre #27
A breakup set to music. At first you get angry, and then you realize maybe it really is time to let go.
Peak in sub-genre #17
A tribute remix of Wolfmann's Fish N Chips. His music will forever live on. Long live the WOLF! Howl wherever you are buddy!
Peak in sub-genre #4
A remix of Sandwich's first single off their new album Thanks to the Moon's Gravitational Pull. Available on EMI's Full Volume compilation. Check it. :)
Peak in sub-genre #9
A funked out, mellow remix of Sandwich's first single off Thanks to the Moon's Gravitational Pull. To be included in the album's re-release. Enjoy
Peak in sub-genre #12
Finally letting go and going above and beyond the confines of an abusive relationship.
Peak in sub-genre #37
A World War 2 veteran is haunted by the memories of wartorn Europe.
Peak in sub-genre #34
A remix of Imago's first single, off their second album Take 2.
Peak in sub-genre #27
A drum n bass remix of Imago's carrier single from their second album Take2.
Peak in sub-genre #56
to wish for a life beyond sleeping on newspapers and park benches...beyond begging, beyond garbage cans... beyond the uncertainties of a life lived from out of the gutters.
a story about a man's struggle to free himself of his darkening soul. in the absence of sun, shadows rule.
Peak in sub-genre #95
a story about the underworld that exists within a seemingly ordinary office filled with lies, deception, and unfaltering carnal passion. where the darkness of each person's soul is lit only by the purity of two hearts in love, imprisoned in it all.
Peak in sub-genre #70
about a reclusive old man who lives out his days eternally tuned to his busted transistor radio. detached from reality, he believes that salvation lies in decoding the "signals" from his radio; a communiqué of an extraterrestrial nature.
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