infinite-e (the real ones)
Electronic Viana do Castelo, Portugal
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infinite-e, Infinite-E, infinite-E, Infinite-e, Acid, Ambient, Breakbeat, Dance, Drum n Bass, Electronica, Euro, House, Jungle, Portugal
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Peak in sub-genre #5
Our #1 Hit in Portugal. This song took us places, international gigs, more than 20 TV shows, platinum award, compilation CDs... you know, the works. Not our best song, but radio loved it.
Peak in sub-genre #28
Instrumental remix by Vitor Silva, this is not really our style, but, hey!... it's my song! ;) We have rerecorded the vocals and used the infamous auto-tune effect! Yikes!!!
Peak in sub-genre #44
Club song from our hardest/deepest/noisiest/most distorted album so far. 1999's Ex Analogue. I think it was our best album in a whole, and the greatest flop as well. Play in STEREO only, please. It's 80% out-of-phase. On purpose.
Peak in sub-genre #23
Following in the steps of Som Do House, the hardest vocal-house tracks we ever performed.
Peak in sub-genre #67
The singer is a gipsy that sells shoes on the local market. He went nuts over the song. So did we.
Is this breakbeat? Voices from afar, sounds from here. One more from our "flop" album Ex Analogue
Peak in sub-genre #19
A iffy track to assemble. All sounds, as on most tracks in Ex Analogue were sampled from Short Wave radio noise bursts. Every snare, hat, kick... it's static. The voices were recorded on SW radio as well, with a Yaesu FRG7 receiver.
Peak in sub-genre #20
Voices and sounds from Short Wave radio. The internet from before the 90's. Hence Ex Analogue. Now you got it, huh?
I really don't have a very friendly relationship with styles. Is this Dn'B? Damn... As for this track, The Law, check the info for Im Internet. History's the same.
Peak in sub-genre #86
From my background as an art-gallery sound designer. This track closes Ex Analogue.
Sung by guest local gipsies. They were totally improvising to tape and that was the first time they heard the track. Remind you, all this is analog tape work. No digital sample editing here!
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