Little Nobody
Electronic Tokyo, Japan
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electronic, abstract, disco, cut-up, hip-hop, drum & bass, techno, house, electro
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Peak in sub-genre #56
200bpm of absolute madness
Peak in sub-genre #26
a collaged soundscape that pays homage to jungaru teitai reo man Isao Tomita...
A more lo-fi dirty house groove.
Peak in sub-genre #32
OK, OK, I admit it - I always wanted to make a vocal house track... with a messed-up edge...
Peak in sub-genre #29
More sound-tracky electro mated with old skool techno and a Japanese flavour...
Peak in sub-genre #27
Our cracked attempt at doing a f***ed-up Chicago house style track, with big thanks to Jeff Willis and Franc Tetaz!!
A bit of a mash-up of tech stuff and more abstract electronica, that was later remixed by Si Begg and released on his "Noodles Discotheque Vol.2" compilation in 2001.
A silly track with a mixed-up German/Detroit flavor...
Peak in sub-genre #73
Inspired by a classic Clint Eastwood line in "Dirty Harry", this one surfaced on a limited edition vinyl EP called "Depth Charge" (Fitja - 2002).
Peak in sub-genre #42
The first collaboration with vocalist Marcella
A live set recorded at the first IF? Records (Tokyo) party on 30/06/02...
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