Surface Tension
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Surface Tension
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Totally experimental - songs span various genres.
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Electronica pop short tune.
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Image your on the bridge of a ship, and you need the signal of the litehouse beacon. As you approach you can hear and feel the energy of the landing zone. Immediately upon touchdown, all engines shut off, yet the litehouse beacon remains .
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The background music of a restless nights sleep.
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I played the rhodes, upright bass, and programmed the trumpet, harp, and drums (drums via Karma)
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ASpace is short for analog space, or alien space or .... sit back and enjoy the journey :)
Tells the story of a caper
Vocal Assault (from Irish Acts) used with stock TS sounds.
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Entered in the Karma Komp III Round 2
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Entered into Karma Kompetition III Round 1
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