The Real Natural Disasters
HipHop Detroit, MI  USA
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3 songs($13.00)
3 songs($13.00)
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Somebody dies everyday where we from!!
Peak in sub-genre #21
Opn Collab frm J Crill, had to hop on it!!
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Oh yeah it goes down baby. Detroit wit ours. This boy is off the map. Another Volcanic Production, Natural Disasters straight ripp. The real ones holla.
Deep beat with chicago bulls smp!! HOT,HOT,HOT Only $12.99 (leased)featured in BANGERZ for SLANGERZ VOL1.!!! HIGH QUALITY BEATS FOR LESS!! WAY LESS!!!!
We Could feel the industry If Ahh....
This ain't no opera musik, This that DRAMA MusiK!!
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We Runnin Everything. The Jack Move anthem.
All Original beat for ONLY $12.99 (leased)Featured in BANGERZ for SLANGERZ VOL2. NOBODIES MORE AFFORDABLE THAN US!!! HOLLA!!!
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Dont run yo mouth, don't bump yo gums. This shit Rocks Every crowd or system it gets played on. You'll see why we shut shit down. Enjoy
Yall n***z on dat Tuff Talk either Pull it out!, or take a Walk cuz when the beef is on u muthaf***az gettin' offed!!!
Betta give us 50ft or we bout to be Wilin'!!!
Peak in sub-genre #92
Everybody and dey momma either done had a ragedy ass car or flexin' one right now!! Watch us Flex!!
Tell me what I'm livin'fo! I ain't ask to be here!!! Realest sh*t I ever spoke!!!
Peak in sub-genre #36
Da Blind leadin' the Blind up in this game bra!!! Complications will ERUPT!!!
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